Wyckoff-Bennett Homestead

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Not to be confused with: Wyckoff House
Wyckoff-Bennett Homestead, located at 1669 E. 22nd Street in Brooklyn, New York, is a National Historic Landmark. It is believed to have been built before 1766. During the American Revolution, it housed Hessian soldiers, two of whom, Captain Toepfer of the Ditfourth regiment and Lieut. M. Bach of the Hessen-Hanau Artillerie, scratched their names and units into windowpanes.
The Bennett family owned and occupied it from 1835 to 1983, and the Mont family has owned and occupied it since 1983. According to an embroidered needlepoint artwork currently on display in the main home building, it was owned and occupied by the Wyckoff Family from 1776 to 1835.
For many years, this remained the last privately owned Dutch Colonial house in New York City. It is currently being purchased by the City of New York from Annette and Stuart Mont who will remain. The Wyckoff-Bennett Homestead homestead will be called the Wyckoff Bennett Mont House park.

Wyckoff-Bennett Homestead was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1976.