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The W Hotel NYC Has more than 1 Locations

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* The W New York Hotel - Union Square -201 Park Avenue South, New York, NY.
* The W New York Hotel - 541 Lexington Avenue
* The Living Room at the W Times Square - 1567 broadway
* The W New York Hotel - Union Square - 201 Park Avenue South
* W Hotel Downtown New York, Hotel and Residences is a 630-foot-tall building (190 m) in the city of New York. It is a 57-story building near Lower Manhattan completed in 2010. TheW Hotel building is for luxury condos and hotels. Floors 1–32 are W Hotel, while floors 32–57 are residential. The building has an observation deck that features views of the Hudson River and views of the World Trade Center. The W Hotelbasement floors are retail stores. The W Hotel building features 223 condominiums and 217 hotel rooms, and restaurants on the 57th floor. The W Hotel building also features a park around it.