Uptown Neighborhoods, and Districts. Name of the Neighborhood Limits South to North and East to West Neighborhoods and Districts above 95th St.
Astor Row (Central Harlem), centered at West 130th Street.
Carnegie Hill, East 86th Street-98th Street, 3rd Avenue to 5th Avenue (centered at E91 and Park Avenue).
Central Harlem, East 110th Street-155th Street, Park Avenue to St. Nick.
East Harlem, East 96th Street-141st Street, the East River to 5th Avenue.
Fairview Avenue.
Fort George, Between Nagel Aveune, Dyckman Street, and 192nd Street, includes Broadway Street South to Fairview Avenue.
Hamilton Heights (West Harlem), West 135th Street-155th Street; St. Nick to the Hudson River.
Harlem, East 96th Street-141st Street (east), West 110th Street-155th Street (central), West 125th Street-155th Street (west).
Hudson Heights (Part of Washington Heights), West 173rd Street to Fort Tryon Park; Broadway Street to the Hudson River.
Inwood, above Dyckman St.
Le Petit Senegal (Little Senegal), W. 116th Street, East of Morningside Park is growing rapidly.
Lincoln Square, (once San Juan Hill) West 65th Street-66th Street, Columbus Avenue to Broadway.
Manhattan Valley, Bloomingdale District, West 96th Street-110th Street, Central Park West to Broadway.
Manhattanville (West Harlem), West 125th Street-135th Street, St. Nick to the Hudson River.
Marble Hill, physically located on the mainland.
Marcus Garvey Park, Mount Morris Historical District East 120th Street-124th Street, Madison Avenue to 5th Avenue.
Morningside Heights, SoHa (or "South of Harlem"), West 96th Street-125th Street, Columbus Avenue to
Park Avenue.
Spanish Harlem, El Barrio, SpaHa, Italian Harlem, East 96th Street-125th Street, the East River to Park Avenue.
Strivers' Row (Central Harlem), West 137th Street-138th Street, 7th Avenue - Fashion Avenue / 8th Avenue - Central Park West.
Sugar Hill (Central Harlem), West 125th Street-155th Street; Edgecombe Avenue to Amsterdam Avenue.
Upper East Side, East 59th Street-96th Street, the East River to 5th Avenue.
(and East 96th Street-110th Street along 5th Avenue).
Upper Manhattan, above 95th Street.
Upper West Side, West 59th Street-110th Street; Central Park West to the Hudson River.
ViVa, Viaduct Valley, West 125th Street-132nd Street; the Hudson River.
Washington Heights, West 155th Street (once 125) to Dyckman Street.
West Harlem, West 125th Street-155th Street, St. Nick to the Hudson River.
Yorkville, East 79th Street-96th Street; the East River to 3rd Avenue (Centered at East 86th Street and 3rd Avenue).