Times Square Studios

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Times Square Studios (TSS) is an American television studio located in the Times Square neighborhood of the Manhattan borough of New York City, New York. The Times Square Studios is best known as the production home of ABC News' Good Morning America (GMA), a morning news and talk program and segments for GMA on ABC News Now.

Productions at Times Square Studios
Good Morning America — a ABC News morning news and talk program
Good Morning America Weekend Edition — the weekend edition of Good Morning America
Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest (Times Square segments) — a television program that airs every New Year's Eve on ABC
ABC Vote '08: Election Night — ABC News' coverage of the 2008 U.S. presidential election
ABC 2000: The Vote — ABC News' coverage of the 2000 U.S. presidential election
ABC 2000 Today — ABC News' coverage of the turn of the millennium from December 31, 1999, into January 1, 2000
ABC/ESPN — National Basketball Association (NBA) pre-game and half-time updates
The Insider (TV series) — a CBS-produced television-entertainment newsmagazine program, although the program rarely originates from New York since Lara Spencer moved to Los Angeles

Times Square Studios
These programs are taped at the ABC News headquarters on the Upper West Side.
Nightline — an ABC News late-night news program now produced from the Upper West Side studio at the headquarters.
20/20 — an ABC News television-newsmagazine program
Primetime — an ABC News television-newsmagazine program

The Times Square Studios is primarily used for productions of ABC News. Note that the 8th LED ribbon of lights is a ticker for ABC News and the 9th is for ESPN, The larger TV is made by Mitsubishi - Diamond Vision despite the visual that states Siemens. The studio is owned by The Walt Disney Company, a media and entertainment conglomerate, which also owns ABC.
It was designed by Walt Disney Imagineering, Disney's design and development arm. The original concept for the studio was conceived by Harry Grossman. His plan called for the studio to broadcast many shows twenty-four hours a day for both Disney-owned and non-Disney programs.
When GMA is not on the air, the studios have been used regularly to produce programming for other companies including:
CBS Paramount
Fuji Television
Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NKK)
Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
The core management staff is Jeff Hartnett, Robert Agnello and Maura Hayes.
The Times Square Studios site is the former National Theater.