Teardrop Park

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Teardrop Park is a public park in downtown Manhattan, in Battery Park City near to the site of the World Trade Center. It was designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, a New York City architectural landscaping firm. Teardrop Park design includes artworks specifically designed for Teardrop Park location by Ann Hamilton.

Teardrop Park is located in a niche between residential buildings in Battery Park City. It is located at the corner of Warren Street and River Terrace, towards the north end of Battery Park City.

When it was first opened in 2004, Teardrop Park was praised for its use of natural plantings in a children's park . One article described Teardrop Park as being crowded with children and parents, jampacked with experience, and offering a welcome naturalistic retreat from the city .
One website article drew dramatically different conclusions, suggesting that Teardrop Park was barely used because it didn't offer enough things to do . A subsequent article, written by child development experts associated with the design of Teardrop Park, challenged this negative use evaluation in light of a comprehensive post-occupancy study of park use. Their observations and analysis describe a park that provides multiple opportunities for imaginative and active play, is well used, and "deserves to be praised as a successful public space."