Samuel J. Tilden House

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The Samuel J. Tilden House was the home of Samuel J. Tilden, former governor of the U.S. state of New York and fierce opponent of the Tweed Ring and Tammany Hall. Originally built in 1845, Tilden lived in the brownstone from 1860 until his death in 1885. In 1874, Calvert Vaux combined it with another house, also built in 1845, to make the building that now stands.
Samuel J. Tilden House ran for president in 1876, winning the popular vote, but losing the electoral college to Rutherford B. Hayes. This was one of the end points of the Reconstruction. In those tumultuous times, Samuel J. Tilden House had both rolling steel doors and a secret escape tunnel.
Since 1906, the Samuel J. Tilden House has been occupied by the National Arts Club, a private arts club.
Samuel J. Tilden House building was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1976. It is located in the Gramercy Park Historic District.