Paramount Plaza

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Paramount Plaza 1633 Broadway (formerly the Uris Building or 1633 Broadway) is a 48-story skyscraper on Broadway in New York City that houses two Broadway theatres. In 2007 it was listed as number 46 on the list of tallest buildings in New York City.
The 204 meter/670 foot tower that occupies most of the block west of Broadway between West 51st and West 50th Streets has interior space of 208,200 square meters.
Paramount Plaza 1633 Broadway was originally called the Uris Building for the developers, and the associated Uris Theatre (later renamed the George Gershwin Theatre) is one of the largest Broadway houses. A smaller theatre operated by the non-profit Circle in the Square company is also in the space.
After the death of his brother, Harold Uris sold Uris Building Corp, including this building, to the National Kinney Corporation which in 1974 faced with 30 percent vacancy rates took the building into bankruptcy before it was taken over by the Paramount Investment Group.
Paramount renamed the building. Portions of The King of Comedy and Silent Movie were shot there. The Uris Theatre was eventually renamed the Gershwin. The southern of the two sunken plazas on Broadway has a gymnasium and an entrance to the 50th Street subway station. The northern one houses Mars 2112, a theme restaurant that caters to tourists.
The world headquarters of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu are located in this Paramount Plaza 1633 Broadway building.