One New York Plaza

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1 New York Plaza is an office building in New York City, built in 1969, and is located at the intersection of South and Whitehall Streets (40.70214°N 74.01175°W). It is the southernmost of all Manhattan skyscrapers.
The 1 New York Plaza building is 640 feet (195 m) tall with 50 floors. The building was designed by William Lescaze & Assocs. and Kahn & Jacobs.
The facade was designed by Nevio Maggiora, consisting of a boxlike "beehive" pattern with the windows recessed within, made of aluminum-clad wall elements resembling a type of thermally activated elevator button popular at the time of construction.
On August 5, 1970, the building suffered a fire in which two people were killed and 35 injured. The deaths were caused after an occupied elevator was "summoned" to the burning floor when one of the thermally-activated call buttons - designed to react to a warm finger tapping it - reacted instead to the heat of the fire on that floor.
The building was renovated in 1994, and repainted from a dark Black/Grey Color scheme to a lighter White/Light Grey color. Today One New York Plaza stands as one of the more prominent buildings of Lower Manhattan, being the most Southern Skyscraper on Manhattan Island.
In 2009's Grand Theft Auto IV the building is one of the most prominent members of the skyline along with the Empire State Building.
Notable occupants of 1 New York Plaza included: Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Fried, Frank, Harris, and Shriver & Jacobson.
In 1959 the City of New York attempted to acquire through eminent domain the land under this development as part of the Battery Park Urban Renewal Area. The plan involved consolidating several blocks into a "superblock" for public housing. When that plan fell through the city hoped to entice the New York Stock Exchange to relocate to the property. However the owner of the property the firm of Atlas McGrath successfully sued to retain their land, claiming they were more than willing to develop the site privately.