New York Yacht Club

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New York Yacht Club is located at: 37 West 44th Street New York, NY 10036
The New York Yacht Club is a private yacht club based in New York City and Newport, Rhode Island. Founded in 1844, its members have contributed to the sport of yachting and yacht design. The organization has over 3,000 members. Membership in the club is by invitation only. Its officers include a Commodore, vice-commodore, rear-commodore, secretary and treasurer.

In 1845, the New York Yacht club’s first clubhouse was established a modest, Gothic-revival building in Hoboken, New Jersey, on land donated by Commodore Stevens. After the club outgrew the little building, it moved to various locations, including Staten Island, Glen Cove, New York and Mystic, Connecticut, before reaching its current Newport location on the grounds of "Harbour Court."
Its primary clubhouse is a six-storied Beaux-Arts landmark with a nautical-themed limestone facade, located at 37 West 44th Street in midtown Manhattan. Opened in 1901, it was designed by Warren and Wetmore, architects of the exterior of Grand Central Terminal. The centerpiece of the clubhouse is the "Model Room," which contains the world's largest collection of full and half hull models. New York Yacht Club was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1987.
In addition to its landlocked Manhattan headquarters, the club maintains "Harbour Court," a clubhouse opened in 1988 on the water in Newport.

The New York Yacht Club was founded on July 30, 1844 by nine gentlemen. John Cox Stevens, the leader of this group, and a prominent citizen of New York with a passion for sport, was elected commodore. George L. Schuyler and Hamilton Wilkes were also NYYC founders that, together with Stevens and two others, created the syndicate that built and raced the great schooner-yacht, America. Wilkes served as the club’s first vice-commodore. Schuyler played a key role in the founding of the America's Cup regatta, and served as its unofficial consultant until his death in 1890.
In 1845, the club’s burgee was designed. The New York Yacht Club waters off Newport have been a key sailing venue for the NYYC since the beginning of its history. Indeed, the day the club was founded in 1844, its members resolved to sail from the Battery to Newport. Two days later they did, with several stops on the way, and trials of speed.
During the first decades of the club's history, racing for prize money was the objective among most members. In 1851, a syndicate of NYYC enthusiasts built and raced America, capturing the "One Hundred Sovereign Cup" at the annual regatta of the Royal Yacht Squadron. On July 8, 1857, the coveted trophy was donated to the NYYC, to serve as a challenge cup for sportsmanlike competition between nations. The "America's Cup Race," named for its first winner, played a central role in the history of the club.
In 1865, the Club was incorporated, adopting the motto: "Nos agimur tumidis velis" -- "We go with swelling sails." During this time, membership transformed from the "old guard" to a new generation of yachtsmen, who built large schooner yachts captained by professionals. Marking this transition was the 1866 resignation of Commodore Edwin Augustus Stevens, brother of founder John Cox Stevens and member of the America syndicate.

The year 1866 is remembered in New York Yacht Club annals for the legendary "Transatlantic Race." In December, the NYYC schooners Henrietta, Fleetwing, and Vesta raced from Sandy Hook to the Needles, Isle of Wight for a $90,000 winner-take-all prize. The Henrietta, owned by twenty-one-year old James Gordon Bennett, Jr., and skippered by Captain Samuel S. Samuels, a professional, won the race in 13 days, 21 hours and 55 minutes. Bennett would be elected commodore in 1871.
In 1876, the Mohawk, a large centre-board schooner, capsized due to its sheets being "made fast" (fastened securely) when a freak squall struck. Vice-Commodore William T. Garner, his wife and crew died in the accident. It is believed that this tragedy led to the extinction of the great centerboard schooner yachts. The Mohawk was later sold to the U.S. Navy and recommissioned as the U.S. Eagre.

"Astor Cups"
"Queen's Cup Trophy"
"12-metre Worlds"
"Corsair Cup"
2005 Rolex Transatlantic Challenge
"New York Yacht Club Cruise," an annual series of races held in July or August
"Annual Regatta," started in 1846
"Solution Trophy"
"Una Cup"

Noted Members
August Belmont
Bernard Madoff (resigned)
Alfred P. Sloan
David Rockefeller
John Cox Stevens
JP Morgan
President Franklin D. Roosevelt
James Gordon Bennett, Jr.
Jay Gould
Elbridge T. Gerry
John Jacob Astor
Vincent Astor
George F. Baker
Ted Turner
Gary Jobson
Dennis Conner
Alfred Walton Hinds, 17th Naval Governor of Guam
Robert Mosbacher
Harold Stirling Vanderbilt
Thomas Watson, Jr.
Olin Stephens
Senator Chris Dodd
Dennis Kozlowski (resigned)
Governor Pete DuPont
John Lehman, Secretary of the Navy
Ted Kennedy Jr
Mayor Mike Bloomberg
Robert H. Conn, Assistant Secretary of the Navy
ADM Gary Roughead, Chief of Naval Operations
Walter Cronkite
William F. Buckley