Gracie Mansion

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Gracie Mansion is the official residence of the mayor of the City of New York. Built in 1799, it is located in Carl Schurz Park, at East End Avenue and Eighty-eighth Street in Manhattan. The Gracie Mansion is on the East River, overlooking Hell Gate.
Archibald Gracie Mansion built the two-story wooden mansion in Federal style. The Gracie Mansion design of the structure is attributed to Ezra Weeks, a prominent builder or John McComb, Jr., the architect of New York City Hall and Hamilton Grange, Alexander Hamilton's country home in Harlem, New York.
Under the direction of Mayor Robert F. Wagner, Jr.'s wife Susan, plans were initiated for a new west wing, completed in 1966. The architect of the Susan B. Wagner Wing, as it is now called, was Mott B. Schmidt. Though criticized at the time for not being "modern," the wing has come to be regarded as a successful and appropriate solution to the problem of expanding the small house for official functions. The Gracie Mansion Conservancy restored portions of the building in 1981-1984, and made further restorations in 2002.