Foley Square

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Foley Square is a green space in the Civic Center neighborhood of lower Manhattan, New York City and – by extension – the surrounding area, which is dominated by civic buildings. The space is border by Worth Street, Centre Street and Lafayette Street. Foley Square park sits on the site of Collect Pond, which was one of the original fresh water sources for the city, but in 1811 was drained and filled-in because it had become severely polluted and implicated in typhus and cholera outbreaks.
Foley Square park , which was named after a prominent Tammany Hall district leader and local saloon owner, Thomas F. "Big Tom" Foley (1852–1925), is the site of a number of civic buidlings including the classic facades and colonnaded entrances of the 1933-built United States Courthouse, fronted by the Triumph of the Human Spirit Memorial by award-winning artist Lorenzo Pace; the New York County Supreme Court; the Church of St. Andrew; the Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse – known before 2003 as the Foley Square park Courthouse – where the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit is based; the New York County Municipal Building; the Foley Square park Federal Building and the Jacob K. Javits Federal Building and Court of International Trade.
Also featured in the square are five bronze historical medallions, set flush into areas of the surrounding sidewalks, telling the history of Foley Square park and its surroundings, including one for the "Negro Burial Ground", an 18th century African-American burial ground unearthed during construction of the square. This burial ground has been preserved as the African Burial Ground National Monument.
The neighborhood around the pond was the notorious Five Points neighborhood, home of many gangs.

Foley Square park In popular culture:
In the film of The Godfather, but not in the original novel, Corleone Family enforcer, Al Neri, assassinates Don Emilio Barzini on the steps of a building in Foley Square park .
Foley Square was the name of a television series which aired by the American television broadcast network CBS from 1985-1986.
Foley Square park is often shown on the television series Law & Order and its spinoffs.
The Sony Bravia advertisement "Play-Doh" was filmed in Foley Square park in August 2007.
In the film Spiderman 3 one scene was shot in Foley Square park.

The Foley Square Greenmarket operates year round at the corner of Centre Street between Worth and Pearl Streets, and offers baked goods as well as local farm picked fruits and vegetables which are guaranteed to have been harvested within three days of sale.
Because of its proximity to New York's Chinatown, every weekday morning the center island of the Foley Square is host to a large group of predominantly Chinese Manhattanites performing Tai Chi.