Fashion Institute of Technology

Fashion Institute of Technology is located on Seventh Avenue at 27th Street, New York, NY 10001, the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) is a State University of New York college of art and design located in New York City, New York, United States.

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Fashion Institute of Technology's urban campus is located in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan and occupies an entire tree-lined city block on West 27th Street from Seventh Avenue to Eighth Avenue. The campus is only a few blocks from Madison Square Garden, Penn Station and 34th Street shopping, which is home to Macy's flagship store.

The nine-building campus includes classrooms, television and radio studios, labs, design workshops, and multiple exhibition galleries--which reflect the most advanced educational and industrial practices.
The Fashion Institute of Technology campus has a Barnes & Noble College Bookstore located in Building A. The Conference Center at FIT features the John E. Reeves Great Hall, a space suitable for conferences, fashion shows, lectures, and other events. The campus also has two large theatres, including the Haft Auditorium and the Katie Murphy Amphitheatre.
FIT serves over 6,500 full-time and 3,000 part-time students. Four dormitories, three of which are on-campus, serve approximately 2,300 students and offer a variety of accommodations. The George S. and Mariana Kaufman Residence Hall located at 406 West 31st Street; originally a former book bindery factory in West Chelsea, was converted into "loft-like" residential apartments, to offer more on-campus housing to FIT students. The campus also has its own retail food court/dining hall as well as a deli in the C Building Lobby. Fashion Institute of Technology even has its very own Starbucks, complete with a patio for students to enjoy.

The Fred P. Pomerantz Art and Design Center offers facilities for design studies: photography studios with black-and-white darkrooms, painting rooms, a sculpture studio, a printmaking room, a graphics laboratory, display and exhibit design rooms, life-sketching rooms, and a model-making workshop. The Shirley Goodman Resource Center houses the Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology and the Library/Media Services, with references for history, sociology, technology, art, and literature; international journals and periodicals; sketchbooks and records donated by designers, manufacturers, and merchants; slides, tapes, and periodicals; and a voluminous clipping file. The Gladys Marcus Library houses books, periodicals, and nonprint materials. FIT also has many computer labs for student use. The Instructional Media Services Department provides audiovisual and TV support and a in-house TV studio. Student work is also displayed throughout the campus. Fashion shows featuring the work of graduating B.F.A. students occur each academic year.
The Design/Research Lighting Laboratory, a development facility for interior design and other academic disciplines, features 400 commercially available lighting fixtures controlled by a computer. The Annette Green/Fragrance Foundation Laboratory is an environment for the study of fragrance development.

The Fashion Institute of Technology Museum at includes important collections of clothing, textiles, and accessories. In 1985, Fashion Institute of Technology and its fashion library became the beneficiary of the records (design patterns and documentation) of Sri Swami Mayatitananda’s year-long pioneering work in American fashion, under the famous "Maya" label. “Over two hundred of Maya Tiwari's (known now as Sri Swami Mayatitananda) original designs are featured in the Curator's Hall of the Fashion Institute of Technology…as an inspiration to young designers. Sally Kirkland, former editor of Life magazine, later said of Tiwari, "If I should ever write a sequel to Great American Designers, which included Claire McCardell and Norman Norell, it will be incomplete without featuring Maya as our most innovative designer.'" Exhibitions are free to the public.