Dey Street

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The Dey Street Passageway or Dey Street Concourse is a tunnel being constructed in Manhattan as part of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's Capital Construction Program to rehabilitate the Fulton Street Station and the connection to other stations nearby. The Dey Street Passageway will be under Dey Street in Lower Manhattan. The Dey Street passageway will eventually link the Fulton Street Transit Center (serving the 2 3 4 5 A C J Z subway lines) with the World Trade Center Transportation Hub (servicing the 1 2 3 A C E N R and PATH trains). The Dey Street tunnel is a link to connect commuters from the Fulton Street Station with the World Trade Center site which is now being developed. Many commuters are not satisfied that the link will mean an out-of-system connection between the Fulton Street station and the World Trade Center and BMT Cortlandt Street Stations.
The tunnel will be 29 feet (8.8 m) wide; it was intended to be 40 feet (12 m) wide, but due to financial costs it had to shrink in size. It will link the exit at the middle of the IRT Lexington Avenue Fulton Street Station with the World Trade Center Transportation facility.
"Since the beginning, the concourse has been an essential part of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)'s Transit Center plans. Its creation will allow around 275,000 daily subway riders to transfer between the Fulton Street / Broadway – Nassau Street station's nine services to the N/R at Cortlandt Street and the World Trade Center (WTC) PATH station. The MTA also recently announced revised plans that extend the underground connector to the E platform at the WTC -- stretching the project's $844 million budget for the benefit of downtown commuters." (From Lower Manhattan's archives)

Dey Street current construction has resulted in the closure of the Cortlandt Street on August 20, 2005. The northbound platform reopened on November 25, 2009 while the southbound platform will remain closed until further notice. This Dey Street closure is for underpinning, rehabilitation, and installation of a free transfer to the World Trade Center (IND Eighth Avenue Line) on the IND Eighth Avenue Line.
Dey Street was also closed in order to build the tunnel, but it has since reopened to vehicular traffic.
Certain areas near the Millenium Hotel have been sealed due to the current construction.