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Condé Nast (pronounced /ˌkɒndeɪˈnæst/) is a worldwide magazine publishing company. Its main offices are located in New York, Chicago, Miami, Madrid, Milan, Tokyo, London and Paris. Condé Nast is run by S.I. Newhouse Jr, and is a division of Advance Publications, who have owned the company since 1959.

Current publications
The company publishes one of the most recognizable magazine portfolios in the industry.
Fashion and lifestyle
Men's Vogue
Teen Vogue
Easy Living
Architectural Digest
Maison & Jardin
Vogue Decoration
House & Garden
Golf Digest
Golf World
Golf for Women
Bon Appétit
Condé Nast Traveler
Ars Technica
Vanity Fair
The New Yorker

(Defunct (canceled) publications)
Condé Nast Portfolio
House and Garden (defunct in U.S.; still published in U.K.)
Vitals Men
Vitals Women
Modern Bride
Elegant Bride
Your Prom

Condé Nast is credited with creating the now widely used magazine marketing strategy emphasizing magazines focused on a particular class or interest, sometimes known as lifestyle magazines. Many Condé Nast magazines have their principal focus in fashion, although the company's publications also include travel, food, home, culture, and other interests.
By 1998 the group included 17 such publications, many of them the largest in their markets. It had an average total circulation of over 13 million issues a month, and an estimated actual readership five times larger than that.
The Condé Nast family of publications also includes Fairchild Publications, a former competitor before it was bought by S.I. Newhouse Jr. Fairchild publishes many successful monthly magazines in addition to the specialized daily trade publication Women's Wear Daily.
Condé Nast Publications was founded by Condé Montrose Nast, who took over the flagship magazine, Vogue, in 1909. In 1959, S.I. Newhouse, Sr. purchased a controlling interest. It is now part of the holding company Advance Publications which is owned by the Newhouse family.
Charles Townsend is the current CEO of Condé Nast, Robert Sauerberg is the current President, Louis Cona is the Chief Marketing Officer, David Carey is the current Group President. Thomas J. Wallace, who was promoted from his position as editor-in-chief of Condé Nast Traveler, is editorial director.
On October 31, 2006, Condé Nast acquired the content aggregation site reddit. On May 20, 2008 it was announced that another popular technology-oriented website, Ars Technica, had been acquired.
Condé Nast folded the women's magazine Jane with its August issue in 2007. Its website was later shut down.
One of Condé Nast's oldest titles and one with a paid circulation of nearly 1 million, the 106-year-old US edition of House and Garden magazine, ceased publication after the December 2007 issue.
The company's most recent publication, a business monthly called Condé Nast Portfolio, was shuttered after just over a year, in April 2009.
In late September 2009, Conde Nast was forced to cut 25% of their budget—citing decrease in advertising sales. The cut comes amid a failing print media industry that is struggling with a transition to a digital business model.
On October 5, 2009 Condé Nast announced the closure of three of its publications: Cookie Magazine, Modern Bride and Elegant Bride. Gourmet Magazine ceased monthly publication with its November 2009 issue. The Gourmet brand will continue to focus on television programming and cookbooks.