Bertelsmann Building

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Bertelsmann Building, originally known as 1540 Broadway, is a 42-story, 733 foot (223 m) office tower in Times Square in Manhattan, New York City, standing at West 45th Street. The Bertelsmann Building building 1540 Broadway is the North American headquarters of Bertelsmann.
Started in 1989 and finished in 1990, the tower is one of the few in Times Square to contain class A office space. Also found in the tower is Planet Hollywood's first Official All Star Café, and also there's Mac Flagship, Disney Store, and Forever 21
In the 1990s the Bertelsmann subsidiary of Random House looked to build a skyscraper across 45th Street from its parent and be connected to it via a neon-lighted bridge across 45th Street connecting them. When the deal fell through it built the Random House Tower 10 blocks uptown.