Bennett Park

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Bennett Park is located in the Hudson Heights neighborhood of Washington Heights in northern Manhattan, on land purchased by Bennett in 1871, the year before his death.
Bennett Park (James Gordon Bennett Park) is a public park in New York City, named for James Gordon Bennett, Sr., the newspaper publisher who launched the New York Herald in 1835.
Bennett Park was built on the site of Fort Washington, from which the Continental Army delayed the advance of British troops in 1776. The commemorative bronze and marble stele (illustration), with sculpture by Charles R. Lamb is located on the eastern perimeter wall of the park.
In the center of the park lies a large outcropping of Manhattan schist. Bennett Park is the highest natural point in Manhattan, with a square stone tablet attesting to this fact (height: 265 ft, 80.8 meter above sea level). The Bennett Park occupies two city blocks and is bounded by Fort Washington Avenue, Pinehurst Avenue, 183rd Street and 185th Street. The park is located opposite the northern Fort Washington Avenue entrance of the 181st Street subway station on the IND Eighth Avenue Line (A).
Bennet Park hosts a variety of events, such as the Revolutionary War Reenactment, which Redcoats and George Washington's army actors converge and fight in the Bennett Park, reenacting the battle of Fort Washington. Bennett Parks have an annual Harvest Festival is held in main field, which tends to be a child oriented event.