Avenue B

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Avenue B Transportation
Currently, there is no bus that travels on Avenue B. The former M9 bus used this street from E Houston Street to 14 Street. The M9 now travels on Avenue C from Houston to 23 streets.
Avenue B runs from south to north and is two blocks east of 1st Avenue in Alphabet City, a district within the East Village. Avenue B runs from Houston Street to 14th Street, where Avenue B continues into a loop road in Stuyvesant Town, to be connected with Avenue A. Below Houston Street, Avenue B continues as Clinton Street. Avenue B is the eastern border of Tompkins Square Park.

Avenue B Trivi:
A 1999 Iggy Pop album is entitled Avenue B, written while he was living at Christodora House.
In Jonathan Larson's musical Rent, most of the characters live on Avenue B and 11th Street.
In 1983 Pierce Turner, Larry Kirwan and Thomas Hamlin wrote "Avenue B (is the place to be)" that was recorded by their band Major Thinkers for Epic-Portrait Records.
Gogol Bordello wrote a song called "Avenue B".
The Christodora House, a former women's Settlement House and now a condominium, is located on Avenue B at 9th Street.