Asian American Arts Centre

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The artists include Asian Americans producing art, Asian artists who are active in the United States, and other Americans who are significantly influenced by Asia. The Asian American Arts Centre (AAAC) is a non-profit organization located in Chinatown (above the McDonald's sign) in New York City. Founded in 1974, it was one of the earliest Asian American community organizations in the United States. The permanent collection contains over 400 contemporary Asian American art works and about 200 Chinese folk art pieces. The Arts Centre has also accumulated work by Asian American artists through its archive since 1982. The archive documents, preserves, and promotes the presence of Asian American culture in the United States since 1945. This includes the East Coast, the New York area, some of the West Coast and some artists in Canada, Hawaii, and overseas. The Arts Centre presents the ongoing synthesis of contemporary American and Asian art forms, through the presentation of performance, exhibitions, and public education.