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Content Guidelines and Editorial Review Process
This Website / Weblog is Dedicated to Organizing Including:
- Headline international issues and local issues.
- Stories on organizations, clubs or individual persons working towards economic justice or social justice
- Stories regarding different organizations such as church, community, schools, college, university
- Stories in which you believe can make a positive impact in the world we live in.
- Updated and timely stories that are well organized and researched.
- First hand experiences and eyewitness accounts of demonstrations or progressive actions.

1. Editorial efforts and reviewing of the press release information must embrace diversity. (At any given time there is at least 3 editors reviewing the content submissions)
2. The submitted content must be high quality, factual and focused and adhere to the strictest editorial policies. (Our editors are trained to follow our strict guidelines. There are no exceptions to this rule)
3. The availability and openess of public scrutiny must be present to allow measures of quality improvement in the review process.

The nycmanhattan.org editorial review process follows a Two-Tier review process.

Tier 1 - Press release submissions are reviewed by the Executive Editor who performs the initial read and review.
Tier 2 - If necessary the Executive Editor personally forwards the press release submission one of the staff editors. They continue reviewing the varying technical and/or factual matters of the submitted content.

After these steps have concluded the press release submission proceeds and if no other issues arise the release continues to live publication.

nycmanhattan.org will work closely with authors regarding any revision or clarifications regarding their press releases.

Please direct all questions and concerns regarding the nycmanhattan.org Acceptable Content Guideline and Editorial Review Process to the following contact form here:

The following content won't be accepted and published on our website:

- Press release submissions that are spam postings. We will not tolerate and form of spam submissions. This includes blatant advertisements for any company, product and/or websites. We reserve the right to determine what is considered spam. Any attempt to spam nycmanhattan.org will result in the banning of your account indefinitely.
- Press release submissions which are purposely wrong or misleading. Including but not limited to the impersonation or disinformation of any individual, company or organization.
- Press release submissions containing generalized and/or negative comments regarding race, gender, culture, creed, class, ethnic group and sexual orientation.
- Press release submissions which advocate the hatred of any race, nation, culture, creed, class, gender, ethnic group and sexual orientation.
- Press release submissions that serve and use nycmanhattan.org as a battle ground with other individuals, groups or companies with non-political or political content targeted towards the other participants.
- Press release submissions in any formats or languages that can not be read.
- Press release submissions using all CAP letters or having the title as "test", etc.
- Press release submissions that contain any duplicate content.
- Press release submissions that contain any obscene and adult natured content but not limited to pornography or x-rated material.

Copyright laws: As this Weblog does respect Ownership, and Copyright laws as it strives to give credit with each picture; however most of the pictures on this blog were found in the public domain without Credit, and, or, Copyright. If you are the Owner of a picture and, would like Credit or, have it Removed. Please provide documentation (Proof of Ownership), and you will get Credit or, it will be removed as requested.
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