49th Street

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49th Street is a local station on the BMT Broadway Line of the New York City Subway. Located at West 49th Street and 7th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, it is served by the N train at all times, the R train at all times except late nights and the Q train at all times except for weekends and late nights, when it bypasses the station using the center express tracks on its way to/from its northern terminus at 57th Street.

This local 49th Street station has four tracks and two side platforms. There are four 49th Street sets of platform-level fare controls, with no crossover or crossunder; each platform has a full-time booth at the north end (49th Street) and a part-time booth at the south end (47th Street). Only the northbound platform is ADA-compliant; an elevator was constructed in conjunction with a new office tower at the northeast corner of West 49th Street and Seventh Avenue. The elevator conceals an out-of-system underground passageway leading to Rockefeller Center and 47th–50th Streets station on the IND Sixth Avenue Line.
49th Street was originally built in the same style as the other BMT Broadway stations but underwent an experimental renovation in October 1973. New tiling of red glazed brick was installed over the original BMT-style tiled walls, reducing the platforms' widths by several inches; in addition, special ceiling soundproofing and terrazzo flooring were installed. Since the 49th Street renovation, three of the four street entrances have been reconstructed, leaving only the 47th Street exit on the southbound platform with the red brick appearance; also, the soundproofing experiment was not repeated at any other station. Additional false brick tiles were added some time after the 49th Street 1973 renovation, indicating the presence of a station facility. A passageway leading to an exit at West 47th Street and Broadway was also added after the renovation. Also, one of the staircases on the southbound side is walled off, making only one staircase available to the southbound side.
South of this 49th Street station, the downtown local track goes slightly downgrade, and rises up. The reason for this is because Broadway and 7th Avenue meet at its narrow point of Times Square (45th Street), and the downtown local track crosses beneath the uptown local track of the IRT Broadway – Seventh Avenue Line.