26th Street

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26th Street is pretty rich with old but it's not necessarily rich with historical happenings. It's not a bad street and it has a lot to see and do. It has a park and that's definitely a bonus in this city. But, 26th Street it's not the most beautiful or the most exciting street in the city.

The building between Broadway and 5th is not only pretty but it has a rich history as well. Teddy Roosevelt took dance lessons here as a boy. And, then the incredibly famous Delmonico's restaurant was in this site starting in 1876. Lobster Newburg and Eggs Benedict were both invented here. Directly across the street on the corner of 5th Ave is a really beautiful building on the inside and out.

Across 5th Avenue is the norther part of Madison Sq Park and across the street from that is a really beautiful old building that used to be a hotel and is now a ridiculously expensive apartment building. Madison Square Park is pretty cool and I really like the area surrounding it to the east. The 26th Street brownstones are so beautiful and the area is kind of even cooler than the West Village.
There's a really cool place called Broadway Alley right at 3rd Street and 26th Street . It was the last dirt road in New York and now is a private alley with just one residence on it. I think that is so cool! Having your own road in New York?

The very east side of 26th Street is all pretty much Bellevue stuff. There used to be not for profit housing at 2nd Ave but now its pretty expensive so it's pretty unlikely that anyone that actually works at Bellevue lives there except for maybe doctors. Bellevue is an actual hospital but I didn't even know that for some time. It's so famous for its psych ward that I thought it was strictly a looney bin. I don't know that I'd want to live that close to any hospital . . .let alone pay millions of dollars to live in a townhouse one block away from a hospital famous for psych treatments. Yikes.