Union Square Nintendo this weekend

Union Square will be the hottest spot in all of Manhattan. If you live or plan to visit New York area this weekend, as Nintendo wants you to know that.

This is where the official launch ceremony will be held for 3DS. Union Square, which is constantly filled with students from neighboring schools, including New York University, consists of a range of retail displays and wonderful gardens outdoors.

Nintendo will take advantage of both aspects, bringing a full day's worth of activities to the park, from noon until 8:00 PM on Sunday, March 27. This will consist of live music, an upbeat atmosphere, and, of course, demo 3DS stations set up outside.

Doors open at midnight and the first 300 people to walk in the records, such as Best Buy and buy a 3DS receive a free case execution. Nintendo has not said how many people you expect to occur.

Then at 9:00, the Best Buy across the street became the center of attention. That's when the party will officially launch in progress, which means that Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime will be ready to pump public-server line will get all sorts of booty 3DS exclusive and media throughout the tri-state area will be there to add to the excitement.

Buy the best places others do not seem to be the record for the midnight launch, but several GameStop stores in the country.

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