Lady Gaga Monday Sold Out

Lady Gaga returned to NYC on Monday night with a Sold Out Madison Square Garden show!

Lady Gaga said “New York City, did you guys come to party tonight?” she asked fans after making her entrance, MTV News reported. “The Monster Ball will set you free.”
“My name is Lady Gaga, and I was born and raised in the unbreakable streets of New York City,” she reportedly told the crowd. “Thank you so much. Tonight, I want you to forget all of your insecurities because I didn’t used to be brave but you have made me brave, Little Monsters.”

Lady Gaga taped the first of two concerts, which will be used for her upcoming HBO special on May 7.

Lady Gaga astonished the fans rans with her hits including: “Bad Romance” “Telephone,” Alejandro,” “Paparazzi,” and her most recent, the record-breaking “Born This Way,” which closed the show.

Though rumors ran wild on Monday evening that Beyonce had joined Gaga on stage for “Telephone” and that Madonna was in attendance, neither were present. However, Paul McCartney was spotted enjoying the show.

New York Post reported, Gaga sported 15 different costume changes during the elaborate stage show, raging from a translucent dress and the top portion of a nun’s habit to a giant flowing red cloak with exaggerated shoulder pads.

Lady Gaga was driven to tears after performing a sold-out show at NYC's Madison Square Garden Monday. Following the concert, Gaga Tweeted, “Just pulled out of MSG, tears streaming down my face. Turned radio on + Born This Way was roaring. Believe, + catch your subway to destiny.”

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