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The Zach Feuer Gallery was founded in 2000 as the LFL Gallery, by Nick Lawrence, Russell LaMontagne and Zach Feuer. It was originally located on a fourth floor space on 26th Street. In 2002 the gallery moved to a first floor space on 24th Street, briefly sharing space with an art book gallery owned by one of the partners. In 2004 Zach Feuer purchased the gallery from his partners and changed the gallery name to "Zach Feuer Gallery".
Zach Feuer Gallery is a member of the New Art Dealers Alliance.
Some of Zach Feuer Gallery artists represented by the Zach Feuer Gallery are: Stuart Hawkins, Johannes Vanderbeek, Sister Corita KentPhoebe Washburn, Nathalie Djurberg, Tamy Ben Tor, Anton Henning, Dana Schutz, and Mark Flood.

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