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SOHO20 is now located at the center of the art world in New York’s Chelsea art district, SOHO20 Gallery continues its long-standing tradition of women’s excellence in the arts.
In the thirty-five year history of the SOHO20 Gallery, has had more than 100 emerging female artists members have had their first New York City solo exhibitions in a SOHO20 Gallery space, and more than 600 emerging artists have had the opportunity to exhibit in group shows. SOHO20 Gallery has provided not only an opportunity for exhibition, but also informal mentor opportunities for emerging artists to learn from more established artists. SOHO20 is now one of the oldest organizations in the U.S. created to address the under-representation in museums and galleries of work by women. SOHO20 Gallery members have received numerous distinctions, grants and fellowships, and are represented in major museums as well as public and private collections in the US and abroad.
SOHO20 Gallery’s mission continues to support highly committed women artists through extensive exhibition programs and an exciting mix of events. A rigorous jurying process ensures the high quality of gallery membership and exhibitions. The SOHO20 gallery’s commitment to diversity brings a broad and impressive range of works to the public’s attention each season.
SOHO20 Gallery was founded in 1973 as an artist run organization by twenty women artists devoted to the mission of increasing public awareness of the excellence and diversity of women’s art. SOHO20’s first news release in October 1973 stated, “In keeping with the feminist ideal of women defining themselves, the criterion for SOHO20 membership is professional excellence without restriction of style, medium, or theme. Twenty one-woman shows are planned which will demonstrate the variety of means and images through which women artists have chosen to express themselves.”
The original SOHO20 Gallery founding members were: Cynthia Mailman, Elena Borstein, Eileen Spikol, Barbara Coleman, Maureen Conner, Mary Ann Gillies, Joan Glueckman, Eunic Golden, Margaret Helenchild, Marion Ranyak, Rachel Rolon De Clet, Marilyn Raymond, Halina Rusak, Lucy Sallick, Morgan Sanders, Rosalind Shaffer, Sylvia Sleigh, May Stevens, Suzanne Weisberg, and Sharon Wybrants-Lynch.
Most SOHO20 members joined the organization as emerging artists and have gained great recognition through their involvement with the gallery. Many have been repeatedly cited for their artistic achievements in notorious publications such as: The Village Voice, Arts Magazine, The Soho Weekly News, Craft Horizons, and The New York Times. An October 1973 Village Voice article about Sylvia Sleigh stated: “The nude portrait and nude male portrait by a woman artist is one of Sleigh’s strongest accomplishments. Invention of any new genre is never exact, but occurs within a context; in this case, feminism and art history.” In 1980 Arts Magazine reviewed former emerging artist, and current gallery member, Eve Ingalls, claiming, “if the 70’s has been a decade of new exploration, and I think it was, then Ingalls’ work is like a watermark, a stamp of importance upon the current art terrain.”

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