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Monkdogz Urban Art is an art gallery in Chelsea, the art district of New York City.
The Monkdogz Urban Art gallery was founded in 2006 by co-owners Marina Hadley and Robert Hogge. The number 1 focus of Monkdogz is to discover and showcase contemporary emerging artists from around the world working in the different media including: sculpture, painting, drawing , photography, prints and video. In Monkdogz Urban Art first two years of opening, the gallery exhibited over 170 artists from 35 countries.
In September 2008, Monkdogz Urban Art exhibited a solo show by French Artist Jean Marc Calvet which will be part of a biographical feature documentary by award winning director and producer Dominic Allan currently being filmed, titled “Calvet”.
Managing Editor of Gallery & Studio Magazine, Ed McCormack wrote:
“…the artists assembled under the Monkdogz banner make an auspicious debut and suggest a much needed shot in the arm for postmodern, post-movement art.”
Monkdogz Urban Art Inc. also maintains an International Art Network of over 2000 artists. It is a free web network designed for the International arts community, allowing artists from around the world to exhibit their work and link their own websites.

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