Maccarone (gallery)

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Maccarone is a small contemporary art gallery at 630 Greenwich Street in the West Village of New York City. The owner, Michele Maccarone, is known for supporting ambitious projects of artists she represents such as: Carol Bove, Christoph Büchel, David Lamelas and Christian Jankowski. Others include Carol Bove, Christoph Büchel, Anthony Burdin, Chivas Clem, Roberto Cuoghi, Felix Gmelin, Christian Jankowski, David Lamelas, Nate Lowman, Corey McCorkle, Otto Muehl, Claudia & Julia Mueller, Daniel Roth, Oscar Tuazon, Kaari Upson, Erik Van Lieshout, and Olav Westphalen.
Maccarone first opened on November 3, 2001 in a four-story building on Canal Street in Chinatown where the gallery conceptually set a different model for an art gallery outside of the Chelsea art mold. Maccarone gallery has since moved to the West Village.

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