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The Fischbach Gallery is at 799 Madison Avenue The Fischbach Gallery was founded by Marilyn Cole Fischbach in 1960 in New York City.
in its early days The Fischbach Gallery became known for hosting the first significant solo exhibitions of now leading art world figures including Alex Katz, Ronald Bladen and Eva Hesse. Knox Martin had four solo shows at the gallery in the mid-1960's.
Later; The Fischbach Gallery move to two consecutive locations on 57th Street. In the 1970s Marilyn Fischbach hired Aladar Marberger as gallery director. Marberger shifted the gallery's emphasis from Avant-Garde Art to Realism. The The Fischbach Gallery included renowned artists Nell Blaine, John Button, Jane Freilicher, Ian Hornak and Neil Welliver.
In the early 1980s, Marilyn Fischbach decided to take on three additional investors in the gallery, although she remained a partial owner until her death in 2003.
The Fischbach Gallery currently remains open and has relocated to 210 Eleventh Avenue in New York. Their stable presently places a strong emphasis on contemporary realism.

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