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Eyebeam, is a not-for-profit arts and technology center in New York City. Their stated purpose is to promote the creative use of new technologies by funding artwork, education and exhibitions. The founders were John S. Johnson III, David S. Johnson (unrelated) and Roderic R. Richardson.
According 2002 New York Times coverage of Eyebeam: "Some of institutions among them the Ars Electronic Center in Linz, Austria; the V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam, the Netherlands; and the Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany explore aspects of new-media development. Still one devoted to teaching, exhibiting and producing the newest of the new in media art does not exist in the United States. 'It's an historical opportunity,' said John S. Johnson, 35, co-founder of Eyebeam and an heir of the Johnson & Johnson family."
In an article in Chelsea Now, Kelly Kingman writes "Eyebeam is not a conventional gallery. In (the 2007 exhibition) “Source Code,” the first of three exhibits commemorating Eyebeam’s 10th anniversary on the frontier of the digital world. The work here represents artists, programmers, hackers, activists, youth — the kind of people Eyebeam welcomes into its creative laboratories, where innovators of all stripes come to come test their ideas. ... While Eyebeam definitely “celebrates the hack,” as its website states, the research groups that are constantly in progress go beyond culture jamming. (Amanda McDonald) Crowley Executive Director of Eyebeam since October 2005. Says “A lot of the work here is process-based, it’s work in progress.” “We’re quite happy to show we’re not a neat gallery environment but a place where people are making work and there’s a lot of activity going on.”"

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