Dear Edwina — Off-Broadway

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What: Dear Edwina
How Long:
1hr. 10mins.
(0 Intermission)
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Dear Edwina — Off-Broadway is a musical by Zina Goldrich (music) and Marcy Heisler (book and lyrics). A children's one-hour musical, it concerns a young girl who gives her neighborhood friends and family advice through singing in a musical show. It is set in the town of Paw Paw, Michigan, although the setting is more like Deerfield, Illinois, where Marcy Heisler was born.
There is also a 'Dear Edwina Junior' which cuts the songs Seamus and RSVP, and adds the song "Paw Paw, Michigan".

Music Theatre International's Brodway Junior Collection released a junior version of this Dear Edwina — Off-Broadway show in 1998. Helen Hayes Youth Theatre in Nyack, NY premiered it.

13-year old Edwina Spoonapple has very talented siblings. But because of this, she thinks that she is not talented. Yet Edwina has many talents including leadership, singing and advising, and she combines all of them by directing musicals out of her garage. The topic of these musicals is letters written to her by neighborhood kids who need advice. She gives them advice through songs and dances that she orchestrates with her friends. One of the main themes of Dear Edwina is Edwina's desire to be in the "Advice-a-palooza" festival because she feels it will prove that she is as talented as her siblings. This is all going on while Edwina's love interest, Scott, is trying to win her over. But, since Edwina is so concerned about her show, she doesn't care about Scott. In the end she is momentarily swept away and Scott wins her heart.

Edwina Spoonapple - A 13-year-old girl who wants a talent.
Becky - An Enthusiastic cheerleader and friend of Edwina's.
Scott - A neighbor of Edwina, is in love with her.
Kelli - A ballerina and Edwina's neighbor.
Bobby - Edwina's friendly next-door-neighbor.
Lars, Billy, & Cordell - The Vanderplook triplets who live in Edwina's neighborhood.
Annie - A Girl Scout & Edwina's friend.
Vladimir - The scary, Dracula-like uncle of Edwina.
Frank - A rude & sarcastic kid in Frankenguest.
Lola - A shy immigrant from Peru, new to America.
Harry - Lola's cousin & the reason she left Peru.
Katie Spoonapple - Edwina's youngest sister, a math whiz.
Myra - Edwina's older sister.
Jo - Edwina's older brother.
Forks, knifes, spoons, & plates - dancers.
Fairy Forkmother- singer in "Fork, knife, spoon."
Chef Ludmilla- singer in "Fork, knife, spoon."
Susie and the Napkins

Paw Paw Michigan (Dear Edwina Jr. only)
Up on the Fridge
Dear Edwina
Say No Thank You
Fork Knife Spoon
Hola, Lola
Seamus (Dear Edwina only)
R.S.V.P. (Dear Edwina only)
Put It in the Piggy
Sing Your Own Song
Up on the Fridge

A Dear Edwina recording, starring Kerry Butler, Andrea Burns, Terrence Mann and many other Broadway voices was released on November 11, 2008 by P.S. Classics.

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