Bykert Gallery

Bykert Gallery was an influential contemporary art gallery in New York City between 1966 and 1975, run by Klaus Kertess and Jeff Byers, who had been classmates at Yale College, class of 1958. The Bykert gallery originally was located at 15 West West 57th Street in Manhattan; it later moved to East 81st Street between Madison and Fifth Avenues. Among the artists who were represented at the Bykert Gallery are: Alan Saret, Michael Goldberg, Ronnie Landfield, Gary Stephan, Deborah Remington, Bob Neuwirth, Paul Mogensen, Judy Rifka, Barry Le Va, Thornton Willis, Joe Zucker, Brice Marden, Chuck Close, Ralph Humphrey, David Novros and Dorothea Rockburne. Artists who showed there with solo exhibitions or in group shows include Bill Bollinger, Robert Duran, and Richard Van Buren,

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